Graphics, Prop Design, Illustration...a sampling of all these are on this page.
Poster for a bookstore set. Cleared photo was an existing one of the Set Designer's daughter
Click on the image to see a larger version
Poster for Travel Agent Set. Used an existing photo of the Executive Producer's wife to avoid clearance issues
I was asked to design a T-shirt transfer by the Wardrobe Designer. We printed the transfer in the Art Department.
A couple of examples of fake product design
Poster design for lead character's apartment
Design for Production Company Logo. I also animated this image with the date spinning into place and the lever moving.
Book Store logo
Book Cover
Toupee Catalogue Cover
Banner Design for School Sponsored Walking Compitition
Prop Design
A "Penny Rocket." It is a small personal rocket to be attached to the shoes to help one fly. Design sketch and under construction.
"Skyak" a futuristic flying kyak. Engine inside is visible and has moving lights.
Three different stages of a futuristic prop design. Original concept sketch, more finished sketch after imput from producers and the prop under construction.
Two different illustrations for Timeship design. The main parameter given to me was that the ship had to be similar in size and shape to a RV.
Theatrical Poster Illustrations
Poster and Program illustration for the Colony Theatre's production of Ray Bradbuy's" Dandelion Wine."
Program and Poster illustration and graphics for the Eclectic Theatre's Production of Tim Mason's "The Fiery Furnace.
Poster and Flyer illustration and graphics for a local dance club.